Water Treatment Chemicals

OBM Chemicals

OBM Chemicals
Trade Name Unit Size / Packaging Description
ALKAN-CONTROL 25 KG/SXS pH Control Agent
ANTI-SEPT 5 GAL/DRUM Anti Septic Agent
BIOCIDE HP 55 GAL/DRUM High Performance Bacteria Controlling Agent
BIO-CIDE WT 55 GAL/DRUM Preventing and controlling bacterial growth in waste water treatment
CEMENT CLASS A 50 KG/SXS Cement Powder - Anti Sulfate for Fixation
COR-INHIBIT WT 55 GAL/DRUM Corrosion Inhibitor for Water Treatment Industry
FLOC HP 25 KG/SXS Flocculent Powder- Anionic High MCW
FLOC MP 25 KG/SXS Flocculent Powder- Anionic Medium MCW
HARDNESS-CONTROL 25 KG/SXS Hardness Control Agent
POLY ALUM 25 KG/SXS Poly Aluminum Chloride for Coagulation Process
QLIME 25 KG/SXS Quick/Active Lime for Fixation/Stabilization
OX-SCAV WT 55 GAL/DRUM Liquid form removing oxygen from waste water fluids
SCALE-INHIBIT WT 55 GAL/DRUM Scale inhibitor to limit the deposition of mineral scales on water treatment applications
SILICA HR 55 GAL/DRUM Sodium Silicate - High Ratio
SILICA LR 55 GAL/DRUM Sodium Silicate - Low Ratio
SILICA MR 55 GAL/DRUM Sodium Silicate - Medium Ratio