Research & Development


We strongly believe that research and development is a key element to continuous improvement. It has been the main driver behind our development of an integrated chain to develop a wide range of Specialty, Hi-Tech Chemicals, Fluid Systems and Waste Management Solutions based on our clients operational troubleshooting problems.

We have joined forces with several national/international and academic research institutions to extent the depth of our R&D.

Our R&D team have oil industry experts, managers and engineers who work closely together to design proper drilling fluids systems based on geological information and nearby wells data. We offer engineering solutions to cover a wide range of operational requirements in different drilling geological environment as follow:

  • HPHT wells in Exploration and Development Projects
  • High Pressure Geological layer with influx contamination
  • Troublesome Shale Zones and associated problems
  • Reservoir Protection and formation damage Reduction by using Non-Solids Drill-in-Fluids
  • Environmentally Fluids in replacement of Oil Based Mud
  • Complete and moderate losses in High Permeable or Fracture Zones
  • Bit Balling and Clay Stickiness
  • Environmentally Friendly Synthetic Based Mud for Hard Drilling
  • ROP Enhancer and Performance improving
  • Cost Effective solutions for workover and completion fluids