Stimulation Additives


Oil and gas operators have used acid treatment (acidizing) for well stimulation to improve well productivity for almost 120 years. Acidizing involves pumping acid into a wellbore or geologic formation that is capable of producing oil and/or gas. The purpose of any acidizing is to improve a well’s productivity or injectivity. There are three general categories of acid treatments: acid washing; matrix acidizing; fracture acidizing.

Formation type determines the type(s) of acid necessary and formation permeability determines the pressure required for pumping the acid into the formation.

IDF has developed custom acid blends and techniques for well stimulation focused on understanding the reservoir rock.

Product Information
  • Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier
  • Acid Retarder
  • Anti Sludge Agent
  • Non Emulsifier
  • Multi Functional Agent
  • Mutual Solvent
  • Surface Tension Reducer
  • H2S Scavenger
  • VES (ViscoElastic Surfactant)
  • Clay Stabilizer