IDF offers wide range of drilling fluids engineering solutions and operational services for drilling HPHT wells for geothermal application from planning to completion phase. Our experts who work closely together to design proper drilling fluids systems based on geological information and nearby wells data. We offer engineering solutions to cover a wide range of operational requirement in geothermal drilling application as following:
  • Provision of thixotropic drilling fluids systems and speciality chemicals in order to provide proper hole cleaning in top hole and fractured zones
  • Reducing Bit Balling and clay stickiness in inter-bedded shale/clay layers
  • Designing HPHT drilling fluids formulation based on geothermal reservoir temperature
  • Application of advanced lost circulation material
  • Provision of environmentally friendly drilling fluids to minimize treatment, clean up and disposal costs
  • Application of reservoir compatible drilling fluid system to prevent formation damage and improving the water injection
  • Improving ROP and reducing torque and drag in hard formation such as granite layers by the application special high performance environmentally lubricants

We have developed specific HPHT drilling fluids as a high performance water based mud which is formulated by using special synthetic polymers and additives to provide optimum rheological properties and reducing HPHT fluid loss to provide thermal stability, shale inhibition and Increasing ROP while drilling reservoir zone.